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Electric Maze (EM4)

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Improving Performance
  • Planning & Monitoring
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

Group Size

6 - 16
4 - 24


30-90 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

The Electric Maze (originally developed by Boyd Watkins at Interel, and now part of RSVP Design) is an innovative, electronically programmable experiential learning activity that challenges teams to find a successful path without triggering a pressure sensitive alarm.

Easily adaptable and programmable, Electric Maze is a team problem solving activity for change management and business process improvement. A wide range of team exercises can be used with this activity including developing a variety of soft skills essential to an organization's success.

The Electric Maze is a highly motivating learning device that consists of a grid and a control module. The grid is an interconnected set of 12x flexible panels that is divided into 48 squares. Each square can be activated independently using a pressure-sensitive switch. If the square is activated, and if someone steps on it, the maze alarm sounds. You can activate and deactivate any square on the maze with a smart-phone control module app.

The maze, and other learning devices originally produced by Interel can be thought of as learning hardware. Using a computer analogy, the maze can be programmed with 'learning software' for different learning applications. The manual explains how to install, program, and take down the hardware, and it provides 'learning software' for a variety of learning applications. The hardware itself is easily programmable, using a smartphone to set-up and change the activated squares on the grid.


The EM3 version of the Electric Maze was withdrawn from sale in May 2023 due to problems with availability of critical materials and supplier price increases. The new EM4 design process started in 2022, and will be completed following the final phase of live customer testing in Q4 2023. A maximum of 10 x customers can participate in this field testing phase by purchasing on this link. A fully functioning EM4 Electric Maze will be delivered, and at a the end of the testing phase there will be several options available to these customers to retain, return, or swap out their EM4 Electric Maze. At any point during the testing phase the product can be returned for a full refund. Please contact [email protected] for further information.


  • Teamwork & team building
  • Team Communication
  • Goal-setting and Monitoring
  • Rehearsing and Improving a Process
  • Change Management
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic thinking
  • Time management
  • Business process improvement

The EM3 Electric Maze® is an electronically programmable innovative activity that challenges teams to find a successful path without triggering an alarm. The activities used within Electric Maze® (which can be completed in about an hour) clearly demonstrate the importance of many skills that are essential to an organisation's success such as time management, process improvement, and change management within teams.

Developed and manufactured by our sister company, Interel Inc., from San Francisco, the Electric Maze® has been used as a successful leadership & team building activity around the world for many years in both large and small organisations.

Interel and RSVP Design have co-developed a number of new learning tools and RSVP Design thoroughly recommends Electric Maze® to any organisation who wishes to develop a library of high impact experiential activities.

Electric Maze® is a widely used and popular change management tool providing a powerful learning experience. The unique design assures that the activities carried out are safe and appropriate at all organisational levels, regardless of age, physical condition or cultural orientation. Simple programming of the Maze using adjustable pins creates a training environment that can be custom tailored to meet diverse learning goals.

EM4 Activity Contents:

12 x panels, each containing four sqaures which simply connect  to provide a fully programmable grid of 48 x squares

1 x control box with connections

Access and instrucvtions to frees martphone App (Apple and Android)

Full  setup instructions facilitator guide

Wheeled hard, transportation case(s)

Package Weight: 70lbs

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