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Super Simbols

Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Collaboration
  • Effective Communication
  • Group Management
  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management

Group Size

60 - 125
25 - 125


30-90 Minutes
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Super Simbols is a conference sized version of our popular Simbols activity. It is a collaborative, team building activity that aids in the enhancement of both communication, team management and strategic thinking skills.

It is ideal for collaboration between multiple teams, in a large-scale business simulation of up to 150 people.

Teams of up to 25 people work together then must engage with the five other teams to provide a single organisational result.

Super Simbols can include custom branding for an impressive finale to a specific Conference or Corporate theme.

All 150x tiles need to be distributed between all the delegates who will take part. The cards need to be pre-sorted into each of the 6x working groups before the participants arrive. 6x working groups are ideal but the exercise can be completed with fewer working groups provided each 5x5 colour group is entirely allocated to one working group.

The participants cannot show, pass or exchange tiles, and must only use verbal communication between participants. Teams must work together and place all 150 tiles in a unique position in the assembly grid under time trial.




  • Set up and manage an effective communication system that everyone understands and can use efficiently.
  • Effective Communication skills
  • Understand that language and communication is culturally specific
  • Sharing and organising information
  • Team Building and collaboration between teams
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Change management
  • Time management

Super Simbols at first focuses on:

  • Internal team communication (especially the skills of listening and clarifying)
  • Sharing and organising information
  • Working within the discipline of a set of ‘rules’
  • Achieving shared meaning

It then becomes a cross-team dialogue, in which a standard ‘operating process’ is agreed and rehearsed.

The final element is a high-pressure time-trial in which the plan is implemented under controlled conditions and must succeed at the first attempt as the project ‘goes live’.

Super Simbols is a large-scale version of our popular Simbols activity, with some simplification of the complexity and format to allow a group of up to 150 people to participate (6 working teams, each with up to 25 people).  It requires a large conference room setting, or an outdoor space, in which the 6 working teams can work independently but communicate with each other when necessary.

Super Simbols needs at least one hour of dedicated activity time, excluding any review or debriefing time. Attempts to reduce this time consistently prove unsuccessful: in order to work to a high standard and within the operating guidelines given, a full 60 minutes of activity is needed, especially with a very large group (>50 people).

Each of 6 x groups works independently to determine how their set of 25 x cards should be arranged in the final construction. Each group then needs to identify how their group fits with the other in the final construction. Finally all 150 x cards have to be placed in the correct place by each sub-team member.

Super Simbols tiles have an abstract pattern of symbols on their ‘activity’ side, and in the standard version have part of a large image of a group of trees on the reverse side. The rules and method of putting the cards in the correct place in the final construction refer to describing the abstract symbols clearly to the sub-group members. The reverse side can also be customised with a bespoke or customised image, making it an ideal activity to display a corporate message, image or logo (when assembled correctly!). We can advise on the type of imagery that works well on the reverse side of the tiles as part of the online training provide during the remote meeting session included with this Powertool package.


Activity Contents:

150x printed tiles, Full facilitation notes, 10x 15 grid with pockets to include tiles, 4x Karabiners, 2x Collapsible stiffeners and rope.

Grid size is 59"x 40" (portrait style)

An online meeting to discuss the set-up, delivery and review of the activity is included in this Powertool package.

Package Weight: 16lbs


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