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HR Managers & Directors

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HR Managers & Directors

Best practice learning design, applied to your corporate training and organisational needs, to inspire talented people and achieve business goals.

Using experiential learning activities to solve business problems

All of our experiential learning activities and programmes have been designed or chosen in response to real-life client requests, so we know they are relevant and contemporary.

We know that the purpose of any investment in learning and development is to support the achievement of business goals. We recognise that you invest in training and training games & resources that will have a direct impact on improving current and future performance.


Our experiential activities are used in global corporations, international business schools and universities and multi-national NGO to simulate real life challenges and rehearse the skills needed to deal with them.

We understand that modern businesses and organisations operate in changing and ambiguous environments and that complex problems are not solved by simplistic solutions. We therefore use our learning design expertise to work in partnership with you, and potentially other suppliers, to design tailored and extended learning interventions that fit your needs, facilities and budgets.

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