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Our Clients

We like to work with anyone who wants to use powerful, active, memorable experiential learning activities & processes in individual, team, management & leadership training. Whether working remotely or face to face, and whether we're helping you improve your offering to your client, or helping your learners directly, we want to make your learning more engaging and effective.



We work with training consultancies and independent trainers, helping you to identify appropriate tools and resources to integrate into your own client work, and helping you strengthen relationships with your clients.


L&D Advisors

We work with internal Learning & Development specialists, supporting you in sourcing the right activities and processes to achieve the learning outcomes your business partners need to move forward.

HR Managers & Directors

We work with HR and Line Managers, Business Leaders and Senior Executive Teams, supporting major organisational developments, addressing specific business problems and achieving aspirational business goals.


In the world of education, we work in leading international business schools and universities, in further and vocational education and in the later years of school as young people prepare for employment.