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T-trade & Post-iT

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Learning Focus

  • Effective Communication
  • Instruction & Delegation
  • Negotiation & Building Trust
  • Prioritisation
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Assessment

Group Size

6 - 16
6 - 16


30-90 Minutes
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T-trade and Post-it are two separate, complete business negotiation and influencing games in one box.

T-trade Activity

T-trade was co-designed with IMD - a world leading business school. Three sub-teams negotiate for scarce resources to complete different individual goals - each team is trying to maximise their individual performance by obtaining as many points as possible.

Teams earn points by having the correct combinations of coloured T-shaped pieces required to build cubes of various values, contained in their (identical) catalogues.

The teams meet to negotiate transfer of T-shaped pieces over several rounds, however only two teams ever meet together at one time. It becomes clear that the behaviours and emotions that develop are as crucial to the outcome as a well developed negotiation strategy.

Post-it Activity

Post-iT explores the frustrations and performance issues that can arise when poor communication develops between remote teams. It explores influencing and communication as three remote teams work on the same task - this activity needs collaborative effort to succeed.

It is set up with essentially a strategic team (A) that initially has the overall activity brief: by the end of the 55-minute exercise, each group should have one completed cube in their working room. 

The technical team (B) initially has the plan designs: the three cubes should all be different, each following one of the three design patterns that were issued at the start of the exercise. 

The administration team (C) is only initially provided with task materials. The three teams do not initially know that they don’t share the same information and resources. During the exercise, the groups can communicate with each other in writing only. The facilitator runs a postal collection and delivery service. At 7-minute intervals during the exercise, mail is collected from each group, sorted and delivered. 



T-trade objectives:

  • The negotiation process and the specific stages needed to reach a resolution.
  • How to develop skills in ‘building bonds’.
  • How and when to make concessions.
  • The power of individual interactions.
  • How to resolve conflicts so that everyone achieves some of what they want.


The exercise demonstrates the three main principles of effective negotiation:

  • Understanding the mind-set of the other party and understanding that this is driven by emotion.
  • Recognising that power lies in the interaction between the parties.
  • Recognising that negotiation requires you to say no whilst maintaining a bond and a dialogue.


Post-it objectives:

  • The need to establish shared goals and objectives
  • How to build and maintain trust through written communication
  • How to avoid making assumptions and check and clarify understanding
  • How to keep an awareness of the ‘bigger picture’ whilst dealing with the detail of individual tasks

The T-trade negotiation training game actually contains two activities:

T-trade: A practice field for inter-team negotiations

The T-trade exercise is designed to be used in a context in which business negotiations are important for success in achieving individual or organisational goals. It involves three groups, each trying to achieve the best business outcome for themselves but needing to 'make deals' with other groups in order to be successful. How do they go about making mutually acceptable agreements and yet maintain their focus on achieving the best individual team results they can?

Post-iT: Building relationships between remote teams

The Post-iT exercise offers an alternative to T-trade if you wish the emphasis to be more on remote teamwork & communication, and the building of relationships between teams engaged on the same task but working at a distance from each other (time and space). How much is assumed about what information and knowledge other teams possess, and what styles and manner of communication can build or destroy relationships? What is the best business outcome for themselves while needing to ‘make deals’ with other groups in order to be successful? How do they go about making mutually acceptable agreements and yet maintain their focus on achieving the best individual team results they can?

Activity Contents:

96x T-shapes (24x of green, blue, yellow, red), all delegeate briefing documents for each activity, 3x T-Trade Product Catalogues, and full Facilitator manual 

Package Weight: 2.2kg

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