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Powerful, memorable experiential learning activities that inspire Executive, Management, Graduate, or High School level learners, build capability and support the development of the key leadership, management and soft skills.

Using experiential learning activities in education

Our products can help make your students employable

We recognise the need for educators to achieve formal educational targets and we also value their role in developing capable, confident, employable young people. However, recent employer surveys state that graduates lack essential communication, team playing and analytical skills. Approximately one-third of employers suggest that this ‘skills gap’ is a threat to the viability of their business. Using our experiential activities will help your students develop these key employability and life skills.

Helping students in 'Learning to Learn'

We understand what it means to be an effective learner and we design experiential activities that help students in ‘learning to learn’. These engaging, challenging and memorable activities are based upon sound research and best practices in learning design. We support teachers in making the transition from teacher-led, lecture based education to learner-centered, collaborative and problem-based learning, which we refer to as REALS: Rich Environments for Active Learning.


The benefits of using Experiential Learning Activities

Learning is engaging, interactive, memorable and powerful One single investment – our tools are durable, reusable, and license free Cost effective – build up a library of tools for future use RSVP Design products are already proven and valued in leading global educational organisations – read our list of clients below!

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