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Colourblind® Game Package (2x Different Games)

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Knowledge Management
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

6 - 14
2 - 30


30-60 Minutes
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Containing Colourblind® and Colourblind® Plus (two different active listening exercises), this discounted package has several hours’ worth of experiential learning games. The package contains the globally renowned Colourblind® game, as well as its follow on version, Colourblind® Plus. These activities can be used sequentially or independently of each other.

This package offers the perfect activities to provide an engaging and effective way to improve communication skills.

Both games are used to simulate modern day communication when a shared visual reference is not always available e.g. communicating via text / email / telephone, or even face-to-face, and using active listening and questioning skills for mutual understanding.

The original Colourblind® game relies on participants being blindfolded and asked to describe abstract shapes in their hand to figure out, as a team, which two pieces from a complete set of 30 have been removed. This requires active listening and questioning skills, as well as problem solving and team leadership in order to come to a consensus.

Colourblind® Plus works in a similar fashion, but participants can be set up in pairs, small groups or a large group,  sitting back-to-back then blindfolded so they cannot see each other’s shapes in increasingly difficult challenges. Three alternative ways to play Colourblind® Plus include pairs (back to back), in small groups of 4 (blindfolded) on in larger groups of between 6 and 14. Using the three different game versions in succession adds an element of change management, as participants need to refine and alter their language with new team members in order to effectively communicate and gain a mutual understanding.

Whether new entrants to the workforce or seasoned Executives, everyone can benefit from taking some time to further develop their communications skills - whether it is active listening, communicating abstract and difficult concepts to others, or indeed ensuring that the message being received is that which was intended! All of these are required to be successful both individually and as a team when using Colourblind® or Colourblind® Plus.

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  • Developing effective communication, team building and problem solving skills
  • Developing individual & team leadership skills
  • Practising active listening
  • Refining questioning and feedback skills
  • Understanding that communicating is a two-way process
  • Adapting language in a way the listener understands
  • Enhancing the quality of message being delivered
  • Managing change by using effective communication & language
  • Understanding that language & abbreviations are culturally specific
  • Developing team building & collaboration
  • Listening to everyone in the team’s input
  • Using effective communication and teamwork to solve problems
  • Ensuring we are using shared references

With most organisations admitting that they have 'communication' problems, it is no wonder that the original Colourblind® activity, now more than 20 years old, is still probably the world's most successful and popular experiential learning gamey. Any consultant or internal learning and development professional, manager or leader with access to these materials will be well placed to be able to design and deliver a wide range of programmes - and to collect the behavioural evidence they need to help build skills or change behaviours.

The Colourblind® activity develops effective communication and team building skills through active listening, problem solving and leadership techniques. Colourblind Plus® also develops these key soft skills, but is more challenging due to the use of more complex abstract shapes, which are more difficult to describe and distinguish. Colourblind Plus® contains 3 different game versions which can be run sequentially to move from a simple 5 x minute paired communications game to a significantly more difficult group challenge.


Each participant is blindfolded and issued with a number of small plastic shapes. The group has to identify the colour and shape of two pieces that were removed from the complete set of 30 plastic pieces before they were distributed amongst the group. The participants cannot transfer or exchange their pieces with each other and are reliant upon high quality verbal communication only to solve the problem. Each individual must contribute to solve the problem, which does not allow for anyone to ‘sit back’ and not involve themselves. At the end of the exercise they must identify a single ‘group’ answer to the problem.

Colourblind Plus

Colourblind Plus is an extension to the original Colourblind containing more complex abstract shapes, creating a more verbally challenging activity. It can be used independently or in addition to Colourblind, and previous knowledge of the original Colourblind is not needed to run Colourblind Plus.

Colourblind Plus can be run in three different game versions, sequentially or independently:

Paired Group Version

Pairs are seated back-to-back so they cannot see their partner’s shapes. Each individual is given 3 different shapes. They need to use effective communication and listening skills to identify which piece is the ‘odd one out’.

Small Group Version

Pairs are joined together to form a group of 4 and blindfolded. They are each given different shapes and again, required to figure out which shape is the ‘odd one out’ through verbal communication only.

This version challenges participants who had originally been paired together as they may have developed common language and shared references to describe the shapes with their previous partner, however, this would not be effective or beneficial when working with their new team members.

Large Group Version

This activity is run the same as the original Colourblind activity, whereby a group of up to 14 individuals are sat around a table, blindfolded and handed abstract shapes. They then need to solve which two pieces have been removed from the set of 30 prior to beginning the exercise using verbal communication only.


Contains: 20x Re-useable Blindfolds, 30x Foam Plastic Shapes, Detailed Facilitator Manual

Package Weight: 2kg

Materials supplied will enable you to work with the recommended group size of 14 participants, but can be used with up to 28.

Colourblind Plus

Contains: 20x Re-usable Blindfolds, 30x Foam Plastic Shapes, Detailed Facilitator Manual

Materials supplied will enable you to work with up to the recommended large group size of 14 participants, but can be used with up to 28.

We suggest wiping down/cleaning blindfolds between uses with antibacterial wipes.
Replacement packs of 20 x blindfolds can be purchased here.

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