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Visual Explorer Facilitator's Post Card Set (15.2cm x 10cm)

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Learning Focus

  • Action Planning
  • Change Management
  • Coaching Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Innovation

Group Size

2 - 16
2 - 30


30-90 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

Generate discussions, collaboration, and innovation through the use of Visual Explorer, an image based experiential learning activity. Developed by the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL), Visual Explorer can be used in small group sessions and one-to-one coaching.

These visual metaphor cards can be used in a wide variety of settings to focus on action planning, team or personal development, or coaching skills.

Different sizes are also available: Letter Sized and Playing Card Sized packs.

Visual Explorer is best used when a situation is complex and has unknown elements and hidden assumptions. It is especially useful when there are a variety of perspectives involved and a number of social boundaries to be spanned.

The postcard sized cards work well on any size of group up to 16 people but are at their most effective when used in a small group setting due to their smaller size. The minimum time allowed for the activity should be 60-90 minutes.

For larger groups, we would advise the Letter Size Pack. 

Participants are informed of a framing question by the facilitator, such as ‘How are we creative as a team?’ or ‘What could we improve as a team?’, and instructed to browse the cards in silence until they find one that they feel relates to their answer or reaction to the question asked. Facilitators should allow 10 minutes of browsing time.

Small groups of 3-5 people should be formed and each participant should take at least 10 minutes to quietly observe, reflect on their image and consider their responses to the question before they share with the rest of the group why they feel their image answers the question of the session. Five minutes should be allocated to each person for the introductory discussion on their image.  Extended time should then be taken for the group to converse about each other's images. 

The Facilitator Guide is designed to be used with any image based activity.

Click here for our guide to selecting the right image based activity for you! 


  • Creative Thinking
  • Understanding Individual Perspectives
  • Create Discussions
  • Performance Review
  • Personal or Team Development


A set of postcard sized images used to facilitate creative discussions on any leadership topic. Developed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), Visual Explorer uses abstract images, metaphors, emotions and intuitions to kick-start creative discussions. These discussions should help to tackle important issues that could arise in any environment, and to build bridges between people.


Activity Content:

216 Postcard Sized (15.2cm x 10cm) image cards, 1x Visual Explorer’s Facilitators Guide.

Product Weight: 2.05kg

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