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Resilience is as also an important area of learning - skills in resilience can be developed to improve an individual's capacity to manage stress, or to develop strategies to cope with difficult challenges.

Here at RSVP Design, the word ‘Resilience’ has two areas of meaning, but in neither case is it considered to be a finite and fixed capacity that an individual possesses, nor is it a fixed and inflexible personal response to situations.

Resilience is commonly seen by coaches, trainers and organisational development specialists, as a range of skills, behaviours and attitudes that are beneficial in the development of personal mental toughness and the ability to deal with (and bounce forward from) challenges, pressures and stress in both personal and professional environments.

Other’s focus on Resilience as the ability to overcome adversity and obstacles, particularly in relation to learning. As shown in research from the University of Bristol into factors that ‘great learners’ share, where ‘resilience’ was a label given to 7x dimensions.

Both of these nuances of the word overlap – particularly as we look at developing strong learners in an educational and employment context – and help individuals cope with their personal responses to the stress and challenges presented by modern life – both within and without the educational/employment contexts.

RSVP Design’s response is to develop and provide games, activities & tools that can be used to help build these normative, self-righting tendencies of individuals, as well as providing detailed support on how to use them.

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