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The US office will be closed from Friday afternoon & we will start shipping received orders Tuesday 3rd October. Our whole team will be celebrating our 20th Anniversary together!

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Our products have all been designed or chosen because they address specific needs that are common in organisational life. Our experiential learning activities focus on the key categories coveted by modern organisations such as personal development, team development, management and leadership skills.
You can refine your product selection using these categories (and then sub-categories) by hovering over 'Shop Products & Services' in the black bar above.

Our experiential learning activities can also be categorised by virtual/online delivery methodology, and the appropriate area of learning focus such as soft/interpersonal skills, customer/business skills, technical skills and a focus on stress & mindfulness. 
You can also refine your product selection using these areas of learning focus (and then sub-areas) by hovering over 'Shop All Products & Services' in the black bar above.

Click here to download the Products v Key Learning Area Matrix.

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Showing 37-48 of 141 results

Showing 37-48 of 141 results