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Points of You The Coaching Game

Learning Focus

  • Coaching Skills
  • Effective Communication
  • Icebreaker
  • Improving Performance
  • Listening
  • Teambuilding

Group Size

2 - 6
2 - 30


90+ Minutes
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The Coaching Game by Points of You is an image based tool that is ideal for personal development, team building and improving communication, even when just used as an ice breaker activity. The 65 photographic image cards, along with process maps and focus notes, provides a very flexible resource that includes a complete structured coaching process to follow, or to use in a variety of creative ways, allowing you to facilitate awareness and action as well as insights and growth.

With the ability to be used individually, one-on-one, or with small and large groups, The Coaching Game is a powerful tool for self discovery that is both practical and effective in many different situations. 


  • Personal or Team development
  • Communicate effectively to ensure collective understanding and clarity
  • Personal or organisational reflection
  • Promoting expression of thoughts and feeling
  • Approaching otherwise difficult topics in a sensitive manner
  • Coaching skills

The Coaching Game is a creative and effective tool for personal and professional development.

Individually, one-on-one or in a group, the game is easily adapted to every audience, objective and method. 

Two examples of how The Coaching Game can be used:

1. Icebreaker
Ask participants to choose a card from a random face-down selection, then find a partner to share how their photo and/or word, relates to them, or their aspirations for the forthcoming Workshop/event. The focus notes could be used to have participants record their insights from these meetings, and later, actions they will take at the end of the event.

2. Teambuilding Workshop
Participants are asked to form a circle so that they are able to see everyone without any physical barriers between them. They are then asked to choose two image cards. One card must reflect their opinion and personal experience on what promotes teamwork and the other must reflect their opinion and personal experience on what holds back/inhibits the group.

The participants are then asked to place the cards they have chosen in front of them so that the sharing session can begin. The facilitator can ask question such as, ‘How do you relate to the topic? What does it mean to you?’ and ‘Why did you choose these cards?’ in order to encourage further thought. Once a participant has finished sharing the rest of the group can then join the discussion. This is repeated for all of the participants.

The Coaching Game can be used in one-to-one coaching sessions, small groups, or larger groups. There are many other ways in which this tool can be used, depending on the number of participants, time available and which areas of learning the facilitator wishes to focus on. 

Activity Content:

65x photographic image cards, 165x page facilitator manual, 4x process maps and pack of focus notes. The cards are grouped in five themes: Journey, Doing, Just Be, Difficulty & Opportunity.

Package Weight: 0.65kg

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