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Learning Loops Licence

Learning Focus

  • Decision Making
  • Improving Performance
  • Knowledge Management
  • Knowledge Testing
  • Problem Solving
  • Learning to Learn

Group Size

2 - 8
2 - 12


20-40 Minutes
More information

Testing is a well known aid to learning - neuro-science has for example shown that learning can be improved by testing people on subject matter they have not not yet been exposed to! High stakes summative assessments have not however proven to be a useful aid to learning. Testing can be fun and engaging - just consider the popularity of quiz shows on TV!

Learning Loops is a patented but customisable process that provides a more useful & engaging way to test people than standard multiple-choice tests.
This licence allows you to use our patented game to create your own content to our template. 
Alternatively, we can design and produce high quality playing cards or Apps to your specification.

Learning Loops is an ideal alternative to multiple-choice testing to confirm knowledge and awareness of a specific subject matter. 

Check either the UK or the US licence to download.
A signed copy must be returned by email to [email protected].
The Learning Loops template will be emailed to you when the completed licence agreement is received. 

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• Knowledge Testing
• Individual Development
• Formative or Summative Assessment

Answer 8 consecutive questions in order to obtain feedback on whether the information provided is correct or not!

Learning Loops™ can provide a fun and engaging alternative to team or individual 'tests'. It tests knowledge and measures whether players really know the answers or are just guessing! The process can be used as a solo or small group activity for any body of knowledge that requires to be tested.

Each playing card created contains a question and three potential answers - the chosen answer directs the player(s) to the next card in the sequence until a loop of 8 cards is played. Up to 48 cards can be created & used in this game from the template supplied.

Purchase of the licence through this online purchasing site allows the user to develop a single version of the playing card game using the template supplied - the foreground IP remains the property of the purchaser and need not be shared with RSVP Design.
Further physical copies may be produced for an additional licence fee of £5.00 per pack - please contact us for additional licences, and for pricing on larger volumes (>100 users).

Learning Loops™ by RSVP Design Ltd. is a business process (US Patent 11/642,259) which can be used to create an engaging team or solo-based card game which tests understanding of any body of factual knowledge. The template provides for a specific placeholder for a question and three potential answers on each card (only one of the answers will be correct).

The process is self-checking in that there is only 1 unique solution when the correct answers are given to a series of 48 multiple choice questions, and the playing cards form a specific pattern.

The subject matter can also be easily split into further broad areas so that the subject matter under test can be sub-divided into 6 x blocks of 8 questions. Other playing possibilites include usiing just 24 or the full 48 card version.

The training designer can then use this business process to test knowledge of a delegate group prior to embarking on a training programme; or to test comprehension and retention of factual subject matter following delivery of any training programme.

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