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Facilitation Review Package

Learning Focus

  • Action Planning
  • Diversity/Cultural Awareness
  • Feedback
  • Innovation
  • Experiential Learning Review
  • Teamworking

Group Size

4 - 16
2 - 16


30-90 Minutes
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Next day delivery available

A selection of activities for reviewing at the end of any Learning & Development event, whether it is an individual performance review or an organisational group review.

Voyage Mapping (Individual Version)

A visual metaphor of a journey generates discussion of past and future challenges. A versatile resource with applications in personal coaching and team development.

Images of Organisations

Organisational metaphors to encourage discussion and sharing of experience, feelings, and perceptions. These popular images are highly versatile and can be used with individuals or teams to generate rich discussions

Images of Resilience

Engaging metaphors representing a range of experiences and emotions linked to the theme of "resilience". They explore different facets and connections with stress, change, challenge and learning.

Challenging Assumptions

A great way of raising awareness about the benefits and limitations of using previous experience in new situations. A quick examination of techniques for encouraging new patterns of thinking, as this exercise uncovers assumptions that drive behaviour.Use t


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Voyage Mapping (Individual Version)

  • Review and share experience from completed projects, challenges and tasks
  • Identify and clarify the learning that is available from those past experiences
  • Use the improved understanding of the past experience to anticipate and prepare for future challenges

Images of Organisations

• Management & Workplace Communications
• Personal or Team Development Planning
• Approaching Otherwise Difficult Topics in a Sensitive Manner
• Stimulate Discussion and Explore what Resilience Means
• Develop Resilience in Coached Pairs and Small Groups
• Learning to Learn
• Visual and Metaphorical Skills
Explores how individuals can follow assumptions unconsciously and how sometimes it is important to challenge whether deeply held assumptions are restricting creative and innovative thinking.
It can be used to ask individuals to explore strategies for challenging their own thinking processes, and also to consider sensitive and positive ways of doing this in group situations

You can use each of these four activities as an alternative to the 'What happened', 'So what?', 'Now what?' type of group question review after any kind of learning experience, to help learners reflect to a deeper level and extract the maximum learning available.


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