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Business Restart Simulation

Learning Focus

  • Customer/Supplier Relations
  • Decision Making
  • Goal-setting & Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team Building

Group Size

16 - 24
4 - 30


Half Day
More information
Next day delivery available

This 3-hour virtual event is designed to let you rapidly experience, in a realistic and immersive way, 12 months of trading in the post-COVID19 world in order to develop business acumen skills and build stronger teams.
This is a sophisticated team-based business simulation, where up to 6 x teams of 5 people try to manage a commercial business in the context of re-opening in an area with specific COVID-19 challenges and restrictions. No specialist technical knowledge of operating the simulated business or of the simulated COVID-19 challenges is required to participate.


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The group is split into 6 x competing teams with each learner playing the role of a key member of the leadership team of a major high street coffee shop restarting its business in the post-Covid19 world.  Just like the real world, this sector is highly competitive - each of the other teams is a direct competitor so if one team gains market share another team must lose it! 

At the start of each quarter the teams are briefed on the new market conditions (e.g. a second wave of Covid19). They then have to make 4 key operational decisions covering commercials, strategy, management priorities and market development. The teams also encounter 4x management dilemmas each quarter in key areas such as staff, suppliers, customers and the community. The answers to these operational decisions and management dilemmas will determine how well each team does each in that quarter. At the end of each quarter team scores are revealed and each team is asked to reflect what they have learned in time for the next quarter’s trading.

A winning team will be declared at the end of the year’s trading based on the decisions taken over each of the four rounds.

The aim is to give the learners new insights into what challenges and opportunities their team/business may be currently facing and to stimulate their thinking on how they might creatively address them. It also introduces the wide range of factors that influence commercial success in any business.

This purchase includes a single licence use/delivery of this simulation for up to 30 learners, fully facilitated by the RSVP Design team. 

It includes set-up and facilitation by Zoom video conference link, and up to 6 x teams of 5 x people in each can be accommodated. Following your purchase our sales team will be in contact with you to obtain further information and obtain a delivery date.

Four hours should be allowed for this simulation event, and it can be run in a single session or split into two.

If you are interested in licensing this simulation for delivery to your own learner group then please get in touch with [email protected].

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