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Challenging Assumptions Refill & Extension Pack

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Learning Focus

  • Change Management
  • Decision Making
  • Icebreaker
  • Innovation
  • Problem Solving
  • Resilience

Group Size

1 - 16


10-20 Minutes
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This refill/extension pack is only offered to previous customers who have already bought the intial Challenging Assumptions activity. It provides 16 x packs of the Challenging Assumptions activity, with no facilitator guide.
This is designed to support existing customers during the COVID-19 pandemic who are forced to move from small groups working on each puzzle, to strict social distancing of one person per puzzle, and provides a significant price reduction to support their inital purchase (and a licence to use the Intellectual Property in this activity). As this is one of our most popular activities we want to support learners at this vitally important time to build their resilience, problem solving and innovation skills.

If you purchase this product without purchasing the original Challenging Assumptions activity, then it will not be supplied. Please email [email protected], if you have used a different email address for your original Challenging Assumptions product purchase. If you are a new customer then please purchase these extension materials along with the complete Challenging Assumptions activity



Individuals will explore the nature of assumptions and their limiting effect through working on this practical ‘puzzle’. It explores in particular how individuals can follow assumptions unconsciously and how sometimes it is important to challenge whether deeply held assumptions are restricting creative and innovative thinking. It can be used to ask individuals to explore strategies for challenging their own thinking processes, and also to consider sensitive and positive ways of doing this in group situations.  It will also explore an individual's personal capacity for resilience when faced with a challenging learning situation - how will they react when faced with this difficult problem?

  • Developing creative and critical thinking skills

  • Creative problem solving skills

  • Innovation skills

  • Exploring the nature of assumptions and their potential to limit and restrict creative and innovative thinking

  • Explores how individuals follow assumptions unconsciously 

  • Understanding that sometimes it is important to challenge and change deeply held assumptions

  • Exploring strategies for challenging individual thinking processes

  • Consider sensitive and positive ways of challenging assumptions in group settings

  • Building resilience

If you are unfamilar with this activity then please review the full product on this page: Challenging Assumptions 

This expansion packs provides 16 x puzzle sets to allow 16 x individuals to interact with their own Challenging Assmptions puzzle - either remotely, having received the pieces in the mail, or in a face to face (but socially distant) learning location.

Activity Contents:

  • 16x puzzles per pack in four colours

Package Weight: 5kg

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